We provide legal support to Turkish and global financial institutions, including mutual funds in terms of compliance with the capital markets legislation as well as regulatory assistance on products and structures unique to constantly developing Turkish capital markets.

Thanks to our specialised team of lawyers and former capital markets board officer, we are able to offer and implement innovative solutions while partnering with our clients across all sectors on their most complicated transactions.

We are experienced in a wide range of capital markets transactions and products such as:

  • International Standard Market Agreements, such as ISDA, ISMA, GMRA, GMSLA, Swiss Banking Association Agreements
  • Cross-border and local regulatory compliance (CMB and Stock Exchange Requirements, EMIR and Dodd-Frank Documentation-Variation Margin, Clearing)
  • Derivatives and Structured Products (including high-yield structures)
  • Debt capital markets (DCM) and Equity Capital Markets (ECM) – Corporate Bonds, Credit Default Swaps, Liability Management, Private Placements, Warrants, Convertible Bonds, Tier 1 and Hybrid Capital, Equity-linked Instruments, IPOs, FO Offerings, Secondary Public Offerings
  • All Kinds of Standard Collateral Agreements
  • Local and International Custody Agreements
  • Stock Exchange, Settlement Authority and CRA Agreements
  • Asset Management Agreements
  • Hedge Funds, Investment Funds
  • Dealing Platform Agreements,
  • Investment Advisory Agreements