As most of the commercial transactions have a tax effect on your business, proactive approach and risk assessment from a tax perspective is crucial to mitigate risks, provide tax efficiency and avoid any potential disputes.

We provide legal assistance on a stand alone basis before a dispute arises or provide consultancy services during all stages of tax disputes, from the beginning of the tax investigation process, to its conclusion, including representing clients in out-of-court settlement negotiations with the relevant tax authorities.

We provide the following services for tax/customs inspection:

  • Tax/customs controversary and dispute resolution
  • Representation on all phases of tax/customs inspections, attendance with client at pre-trial meetings, review of documents and information requested during a tax/customs inspection, preparation of the information and legal arguments to be presented to tax/customs authorities
  • Tax legal advisory services (including structuring or restructuring investments and transactions with the most tax-efficient strategy)
  • International tax services and consultancy
  • Following up all kinds of tax disputes before the courts